Roof Trusses

Advantages of using roof trusses:
  • Pre-engineered trusses speed construction and provide a more uniform roof appearance.
  • Less intensive carpentry labor is required to install trusses, reducing labor costs.
  • Truss profile, span and spacing variations are designed by state-of-the-art computer programs.
  • Trusses are spaced to optimize strength and lumber resources. In residential construction, trusses are typically spaced 24" on center as opposed to 16" for traditional framing techniques.
  • Only quality materials are used.
  • Interior bearing walls are not necessary, offering interior design flexibility and large open areas if desired. The structural integrity of the building is not compromised.
  • Trusses can be designed to accommodate more insulation for enhanced energy efficiency.
  • Girder trusses used in stairwell openings, garage door headers, and window and door frames, may eliminate the need for columns and footings.
  • Ceiling and wall materials such as drywall can be nailed directly to the trusses.
  • Structures enclose quicker, save time and possibly avoid weather-related delays.
  • Pilferage on the job site and waste due to cutting errors, is reduced.
  • There is almost no limit to the range of shapes of pitched chord trusses.

Advantages of using VanderPol Building Components:

  • Our staff is experienced and knowledgeable and will give you all assistance necessary to make your building project exactly what you want.
  • Professionally engineered trusses, using the latest computer technology.
  • The manufacturing team is skilled and experienced to give you the precise quality desired in a truss package.
  • We are the only truss manufacturer in the State of Washington to receive the P.F.S. Corporation’s "A Commitment to Quality" Award. "The award is given only to companies which go beyond the required specifications," said Graham McFarland, a P.F.S. inspector. The P.F.S. Corporation is a third-party inspection firm who makes quarterly unannounced visits.
  • Prompt delivery is always our goal and is our standard unless absolutely impossible.

Wall Panels

Advantages of wall panel systems:

  • Reduced Construction Time
  • Better Quality
  • Less Supervision
  • Up to 50 % Labor Savings
  • No Theft
  • Reduction of scrap produces a clean, organized job site
  • Cost known prior to construction
  • More timely scheduling of subcontractors
  • Savings on construction loans
  • Reduction of trips to the lumberyard for material shortages.
  • Quick & "Worry Free" framing method
  • Accepted by ALL building codes
  • Flexibility of design
  • No delays due to weather
  • Superior customer service & warranty

The use of factory built components is more cost effective and provides more flexibility than conventional stick built methods.

Builders: increase your Volume and Profits! Once you try this you won’t go back to stick framing!

Stick-built vs. Component Built:

Two identical homes were built at the National Association for Home Builders convention. One was conventionally sick-built the other used wood component systems. Here is a comparison of the costs:

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